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  1. Has anyone been to the Online Trading Academy with instructor Mike McMahon, or TradingSchool with instructor Robert Deel. Both are in southern Cal. If so how was the experience. Thanks
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    They both SUCK......I lost 45 million from thier advice:mad:
  3. 45 million!?!
  4. mean they allowed you to trade with a paper account of that size???

    where do i sign up?
  5. Mizer, Did you really lose that much money? That sucks if you did. Are you married? If you are a guy, I know a young pretty single girl that you can marry before you lose all your money. She's 25 and ready to get married to a man like yourself with a nice bank account to take care of her. She looks like a movie star. LOL. I'm serious.
  6. Videos are good. I didn't do live training, but the videos will teach the same as the live training. Good learning CD's. Not the live DVD's, but the CD's is what I recommend. Email me if you have any questions about the CD's. I bought the set. It's a good set.
  7. Best Trading school is the school of hard knocks. First you get hit , in order to learn to respect the markets, then you can get some help from a newsletter service(I never pay more than $50 a month for any newsletter service, etc), read books, or get to know good traders, read some stock blogs, etc. Best way to do it imho. Trading Wizards a great book, read that first.
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    And I lost a wager with a Leprechaun last week, believing that the guy at the end of the bar was not really Elvis.

  9. Mike McMahon himself is okay, but from what I've heard and after going to one of their free seminars, I'd say forget them. Even if you're a newb.

    Same basic thind with Robert Deel, bought a video of his (2 vhs tapes) for like $150... it's okay but contains about as much useful info as about 5 minutes of websurfing.
  10. Those CD's are on ebay for 10.00 each. They are actually pretty good. A beginner can learn alot from them. I might have mine around here somewhere, if anybody has any other trading software they want to even swap or trade for them.

    There is one warning. You will still lose money even after watching these CD's. ALL daytraders loser money in the beginning. And some even keep losing money until they lose everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. House, family, car, bank account, EVERTHING.

    But these CD's will give you the basics of daytrading. They don't go into detail or advanced topics that will increase your chances of winning. That information will confuse you the beginner, so they just give you the basics.
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