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  1. for sale :

    Domain name

    .TV domains will be a huge hit by the end of 2007 and its owned by VRSN and demand media

    Broadcast life accept subscription payments

    more on TV domains here

    Make a Business or a Fun !

    make a "school" or "one man show".... up to u!

    offer$ now accepted (low to medium five figures)

  2. jtnet


    go away
  3. why
  4. I can't wait to spend medium 5 figures to have a fun!
  5. you want over $10,000 for a domain name with no traffic or content . Am i missing something .
  6. Ok....5 figures it is. 101.38, that's my bid.
  7. FFS.........this dude is about 8 years late, people used to buy domains for millions from spotty faced teenagers late 1990's, its a missed boat. Next best thing is selling shitty studio flats in London for £250000+.....
  8. hi, .tv domains are to be the biggest hit an' trend by the end 2007

    All media moves to the internet

    latest news :

    verisign and demand media to spend millions in to marketing,

    latest domain sale prices:

    the domain name is TRADINGSCHOOL .TV (just put cams around and broadcast life)

    (i will also include in to the package (as an untaxable gift ) for a promt buyer )

    5 figures USD only

  9. The web site you posted lists the most expensive .tv domain sold so far is $8,000--for a two letter domain (which are selling for 6 figures in the .com arena)

    No .tv domain cracks the top 100.

    The only domains going in the 5 figure area are sex sites. Perhaps if you had, you could expect that juicy 5-figure check.

    When Angelina Jolie does the sequel to Trading Women and breaks out the whip to drive home trend-following techniques, I'll tune in.
  10. hi there, the biggest .tv sales so far are: - $100,000 - $100,000 - $100,000 - $600,000

    the tv is booming and by the end of 2007 it will be the "must have" elite tld for any respectable company

    Please note, there is ONLY ONE! " Trading School " in video channel extension Available (still) on earth!

    and it can be truly yours for :

    5 low- mid weak usd figures both only

    TRADINGSCHOOL.TV (togeda with no less brilliant

    last week sale

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