Trading Rules II

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  1. Originally posted here I reposted Trading Rules in this Forex section for those members who post here. I trade Forex but many trading rules apply to all trading.

    Trading Rules

    The mind (of some) is very vast.

    It can absorb a lot more then we may give it credit for.

    When trading we can monitor (manage) a trade (thereby make trading decisions) almost subconsciously due to the amount of trading rules we know of even though we may not consciously act upon any particular one at a given time.

    Therefore, this thread is to post your (hopefully successful) trading rules that you trade by. You could also list rules of what NOT to do when trading.

    Many times we can see a rule (of another or our own) and by use of segue consideration/pondering (or experience) we can add to the rule, modify it, or delete part of it, thereby making it even better. Also, when we see a rule written by another (that we use) it can validate our own conviction of it.

    Hopefully, this list of helpful trading rules will grow to become the largest conglomeration of applicable and practical rules to trade by on any forum on the Net.

    Don't worry about posting a rule that may already have been mentioned. Even if you have a link to a body of rules or an additional reference please include it.

    When I write a rule I use an exclamation mark at the end therefore I'll do so here.

    Rule: When putting on a trade, adjust the trade size in relation to your understanding (of what is being traded) or NOT understanding!


  2. (1) Be bigger when you are right, than when you are wrong. (Two methods: (a) adding (b) (for day trading) starting full size and decreasing

    (2) Get out if you are not proven correct, vice waiting to be proven wrong.
  3. I could not agree less.

    (Buy that's just me)