trading rule #5

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  1. Never post or read message boards or forums?

    bad information and revealing your hands or sentiment in message boards is like showing your hands in the poker table.

    so that is the rule.and is a rule i have broken.i've sin...trader's sin..

    don't read or post anything on message boards..unless you want to manipulate or do pump and dump stock promotion scam.

    nobody cares about your position or opinions.

    and it's a waste of time....time is money in business

    i will stop posting on public message boards. or stop any public communications.

    trading rule #5: never reveal your positions to anyone.

    the problem is privacy..some brokers don't have privacy rules and will look at your positions...some brokers have more privacy and some clearing firms have strict privacy clauses.

    there is no anonymity in the internet or trading in some brokers and exchanges. or clearing firms.

    going dark, the internet is not anonymous.

    log off. good bye.
  2. You obviously don't believe this is true ... or you wouldn't have posted this...
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  4. The odds of someone utilizing the posting of your position/ analysis/ system/ indicator, etc..... has the same probability of affecting you in any way as your ability to predict how many ants will be killed by the next falling comet...........

    Thinking otherwise suggest a mentality toward trading that is media/propaganda based. I believe all successful traders here will confirm that only years of work on self and system will have the possibility of leading to successful trading. However, once something is posted , the ego of a weak trader will tend to influence his actions.

    BIG NEWS BREAK!!!!!! There are no secrets! fwiw. :cool:
  5. Hi am a new trader with some questions I was wondeing if you can help me with.

    1 Can you recomend a good honest ECN brocker with mini lots and the ability to trade other markets like commodities and industies eg the DAX?

    Do you know if searra Charts is as good a trading platform as e-signal? :)
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    lots of things you have to learn seeing from your questions ... well, we all had to start somewhere.
    Start with just one instrument and look at it thoroughly through different timeframes. Some would prefer a real slow one for this like the bunds, but you might get bored to death. I prefer eur/usd. My broker of choice is oanda, imo they are the best although they are no ECN. Beware on news though cause spreads can widen, get something like forexfactory to know when these get out. Get yourself a charts from something like prorealtime (which I use: cheap and good). And watch those screens while you learn ...
    Don't start off daytrading the dax, you will get killed in no time, either due to size of the futures or the spreads of the CDF's.