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    I live in Chicago and trade from home as well. I have thought about the same thing, but I have one issue with the suggestion:

    1) If people go and get a DSL/T1, office, phones, feeds, etc, are you willing to pay for your share of these expenses up front for a year?

    If so, I think that there would be people willing to join in the Trading Room - I certainly would strongly consider it...

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    nitro & dotslashfuture,

    Thanks for the replies. I wasn't refering to creating a trading room, however I wouldn't rule it out. The office I looked into in my post was a 100 square feet big enough for me & a computer. What I was interested in finding out is if there was already such a place (a trading room, prewired, independent of any brokerage or clearing firm) in Chicago that would rent out desk space.
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    Hmm, I don't know - I would say the closest place to this might be:

    Notice that they have a skokie location. This place is a joke to trade _WITH_, but they may allow you to do what you want.

    I was also at Hold Brothers in Chicago where they would allow me to rent their space for $400/M - PM me and I can probably dig up a contact. If you go to the MERC building, or the CBOT, there are numerous places there that would allow you to do what you want.

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