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  1. One thing I don't get, is why couldn't a firm like cybertrader or IB simply open up a few branch offices in large customer areas with self service pc's and let people trade in a trading room, and then they could sell training? It would be just like a prop firm except "only" 4:1 margin ( more than most people need anyway ) and no need to get the damn series 7 and all the fees that go with it.
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    I've thought about the same thing from time to time. I've also thought privately setting up a trading room could be fun. Theoretically you could allow retail customers from just about any brokerage firm. For a small fee they could use the computers and T1 line, etc. Then again, maybe those sorts of places existed a few years back when things were roaring and they are gone now because it's hard to keep people in the office to cover costs.
  3. Check my PM to will help explain some of the reasoning behind the licensing procedures for traders.....and yet support your idea.

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    I just heard the same thing...are you no longer w/ Echo? Just wondering if you want PM me, I once Pm'd you about Echo and you were very kind about providing information about them to me.

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  7. Which Robert are you guys referring to?:confused:
  8. they are referring to Robert Tharp. He goes by "rtharp" on ET.
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  10. My money is on the secret being leaked ...
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