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    I would like to join a trading room for futures. I am not against having to pay a fee to keep the riff raff out.

    What I have realized is even though I am motivated to trade often the road is very lonely. I’d like to join a room where I can share trades and pull motivation from. In those times where you ask yourself “why do I even do this” it’d be great to visit a trade room and see you aren’t alone.

    Is anyone a member of a good futures trading room? I usually trade ags and rates but with MES I’m not entirely against jumping on the index bandwagon.
  2. Times


    There is a free Futures Discords reddit group

    Mostly noise but if you want to just share trades or pull motivation, maybe it can work
  3. You would need to show 6 figure accounts, and a excellent trading resume... It's not rooms per say, but group chats, little cliques that form of high level thinkers. You can develop friendships of like minded traders on the twitter world, there is a community on there... Unfortunately if you are like me and are anti social media ( Bait book, twitter, IG, ect. ) then you are stuck on forums, which quality seems to be sub par, but kinda entertaining while you research.

    Best bet I believe is to track down deep thinkers from twitter, email them and pitch group chat idea... Water always seeks it's level, if you are a beast and have good results, I don't see why it wouldn't work when you decide to find others
  4. Have you ever considered a change of career? If one needs others to answer the question why one is doing what he is doing or needs others to carry one through the tough days then a career change to something someone has a passion for seems like a decent recommendation.

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    Trading isn't my career. I spend all day entertaining clients who could care less about me existing. It would be nice to join a place with people like me that I could feel like I'm not trying to sell something to. Perhaps this is too much to ask.

    I do not have a problem being alone. I just want people to talk to that actually like trading.
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    Then start one.
  7. Thanks for clarifying. It makes sense what you explained. From own experience I believe it's extremely hard to find a suitable trading "room". I settled for frequent conversations and face to face meetup with individual traders and financial IT developers that I get along with very well and where I feel both sides equally benefit. Getting multiple such individuals into the same room, whether online or real is very difficult.

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    gaussian.... do you daytrade futures?

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    I don’t.
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