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  1. BuyDell


    OK, Are there REALLY any honest trading rooms out there for the ES< or YM...? DOes anyone have any good stories of profits made in a room or a trading group......?

    I've been to quite a few....I may not be the best ES trader, but it doesn't take me long to spot the SCAM !

    I know ther must be someone out there that is relatively good....

  2. Handle123


    Do you really think anyone who trades well is going to call out trades for a crummy $300 a month? Even 50 times that isn't worth all the BS you have when you think of having to register, lawyer fees making sure web site is documented right, people sharing calls, brokerages using the service, having to show up each day even when you don't feel like trading, days where there are no signals and competition of getting filled.

    Vendors who don't post daily statements = RUN

    If you don't have the time to learn the art of day trading, learn long term trading.
  3. wrbtrader


    Go to the FinancialNetwork or Othernet on IRC...there are a few good traders posting trades in real-time in public or private chat rooms amongst many other traders that do the same while not profitable.

    It's all free.

    You can also use Stocktwits (don't let the name trick you) and follow the Emini ES or YM traders. Lots of junk there but there are a few good traders there. After you've identified whom you want to can then "only" follow those you're interested in following without seeing messages by those you don't want to follow.

    It's all free.

    I've seen at least +50 traders amongst the above that post consistent profitable trades in real-time. Yet, I do not know their trade methodology and most won't discuss such nor are these places (FinancialNetwork, Othernet and Stocktwits) suitable places to get into an in-depth conversation about trade methods. They are just suitable for quick text messages.

    Don't ask me to point them out for you. You need to do your work and find someone that's suitable to your trading style on those types of social networks.

    Last of all, learn to use your "ignore" button in those social will help to eliminate the junk that you will see.
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  5. BuyDell


    I went over to StockTwits....Didnt look too exciting....Does anyone on there call live trades...? Any recommendations...? I trade the ES,YM....
  6. wrbtrader


    How long did you stay ?

    I was there today and saw about 7 traders make live calls (1 on the YM feed and 6 on the ES feed)...I was only on it for a few hours today.

    Therefore, I highly recommend you spend several weeks using Stocktwits, Othernet or FinancialNetwork to see whom are making live calls and then setup your social network to only follow those particular traders if you don't want to see junk posted by other traders in the Emini ES and Emini YM feed.
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    Thank you WRBTrader !
  8. wrbtrader


    Stocktwits has a desktop version @

    They also have a mobile versions @

    You may also be interested in using Tweetdeck @ to arrange your feeds but they aren't affiliated with stocktwits. It's more of a twitter tool but great for traders that wants to follow or collaborate with other traders.

    Simply, lots of ways (I only mentioned a few) of filtering out the junk and follow only those you're interested in following.
  9. this is the kind of scum posting on st

    "AAPL selling my short (small profit). gonna try another long @ $595, with $0.20 cent stops.."

    99% of those on st are imbeciles.
  10. I'm starting one soon. For now I'm posting my trades in the Education Resources section under live trades tomorrow. It doesn't cost anything to watch me and see if I'm worthless or worth something.
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