Trading rooms: any good ones?

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  1. I know many people here are very skeptical about these kind of things, but would like to know of any positive experiences with specific trading rooms (negative one also welcome).
    I have been trading full time for just over 1 year and I do forex and YM.
    On forex I have been using a trend following strategy that works decently when there is our friend, but I had some bad spells in July August and end of November December. Basically when liquidity is low and markets are choppy I get the blues. So recently I have tried to move to lower timeframes and to a strategy based more on price action to try to get better results in choppy markets.
    I think I have still plenty to learn and I believe that any contact with other traders can speed up my learning process. I also like the idea of interacting daily with other people as this is a lonely business. I do not mind paying a reasonable monthly fee.
    I have been on a trading room for several months and it was definetely a good experience, but it was really oriented to beginners and I think it is time to move on to something more advanced.
    My main interests are: price action, scalping, patterns, fibs, harmonic trading
  2. I forgot to say that I am not expecting magic tips to turn me into a millionair overnight, but rather a place where I can learn new things from other traders
  3. It's all been discussed before...just type the words "trading rooms" or "chat room" in the following links.

    Recommend you stay away from the signal calling rooms and look for an educational room that doesn't involve someone telling others when to buy or sell.

  4. I won't post a link, but feel free to join our chatroom. It is free.
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    If you follow this Link:

    Click on the tab called "Blog" and then you will see a java window...make a name there and make SURE you listen to the audio which is key...also every AM we have a morning meeting and during the day we have many trades called out.

    Another website is where there are a bunch of experienced traders helping out newbies...hope this helps
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  7. Thanks a lot guys, lot of interesting input and very quick too. I'll check the link up.
    Brendan, how will I find it if you don't post the link?
    Anymore input with personal experiences very welcome
  8. You should use the private message to talk to him (click on user name) because if he responds here in the public area of ET and mentions his service again...very good chance ET management will delete his account for spamming.

    Also, highly recommend you use ET search link I posted earlier because this topic of "trading rooms" or "chat rooms" has been discussed so much with in-depth information...not much more can be said.

  9. I don't think the OP said "here is an an opportunity to self-promote, please spam your responses."

    Obviously, they were looking for independent recommendations.
  10. For grain traders, I have been using Daily service and a weekly report and the trade recommendations have been uncanny good if not a bit confusing.
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