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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by amcc, Dec 24, 2006.

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    I am wanting to convert my loft/attic into a trading room, as I will start trading more seriously now after being up roughly 230% in the last two years.

    I want to get a big screen (LCD or Plasma) so I can have a market overview always on there (ie. spot markets on one side, futures markets and commodities on the other).

    I also have been trading on a mac, but this really doesn't satisfy my needs as most software for trading is very buggy, outdated, or slow. I have decided to therefore buy a PC. I will therefore be needing 2 quite large screens (at least 20" widescreen).

    Basically, I just need advice on what hardware to buy, and price isn't really an issue, as I have a big backer behind me.

    I have also decided to leave my current broker, as I am NOT happy with them at all, and probably going to go on to Interactive Brokers. What software do you suggest I buy for a) charting b) strategy testing.

    Also, what date feeds and historical data services do you suggest?

    As you've noticed, I just want to build the best trading room I can, as I will, from end of January onwards, be spending a lot of time there.

    (also, do you happen to know any london companies that install trading rooms... just want to get a couple of quotes ..)

    Any suggestions or advice in setting up a trading room would be highly appreciated.

    Many many thanks,
  2. on the big screen LCD, I've looked and if you really want to go big, the Sony Bravia 46" 1080p is stunning. bright colors, and you can use it for TV. the 1080p in theory gives you more resolution, so a computer output should look better and you can fit more info onto it.

    I use Tradestation, and it's very good. I haven't tried other backtesting programs so can't compare. Tradestation's data is very deep, so it's worth it for that reason.

    if money is not a problem, digital tigers seem to have very good preconfigured setups such as this one:

    they can sell you the PC too to go with their displays.
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    up 230% in 2 years....... I wouldn't change a thing. Might start to over analyze things

    Merry Christmas
  4. what do u trade?

  5. Good God, man! You are up 230 % in 2 years and you are asking us how to set up a trading room? We should be bowing before you. If I were you, I wouldn't change a thing!

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    Bitstream, I trade equities and options exclusively... I've thought about venturing into something else but I seem to be doing okay, so I don't think I will be doing that any time soon.

    I thought about doing high leveraged futures, but that was a big mistake.. did that for two days and decided to get out while it was time. Also, if I switch from thinkorswim to IB, I won't be able to trade margin until June, which might be a good thing...

    A lot of stuff like backtesting is relatively new to me ... But like others said.. I might not change my method too much, or over analyse my ideas... and just keep doing things as I do...

    Do you mind me asking what do you trade?
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    Hmmm, not too many 18 y.o. can turn in that kind of performance.

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    Not necessarily a bad thing... I started paper trading at 16, and put in my first money trade the day I turned 18.. I'll be turning 21 in May. There were about 2 years of figuring out what I like and what works for me.

    If you're trying to imply I didn't do it, it's okay. Many people don't believe me, and because of that I'm going to try to get my account audited at some point soon
  9. First of all, what the hell do you care about who believes you and who doesn't. just do your own shit and forget about proving yourself to others.

    And second, it's not really about %. A lot of people have 10k deposit at a prop firm and make 100k a year. Or in your case I imagine you have turned your 10k to 23k -- what matters in these days of leverage is the bottom line. Leave the % for your IRA ....

    Listen kid, you don't need a fantasy setup. Go get a good $1500 computer, several big monitors, and you're set to go. be humble for god's sakes, this game is harder than you think in the long run and you just started.
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    That's only 130%. You need to add another 10k to that.
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