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    lol Pure Tick cant even spell. They spelled 'herd' wrong on this broadcast I just got. How could they possibily make money.


    Tonights trading video is entitled "DumbandSmarter". It deals a
    little bit with heard psychology. Alex speaks about taking advantage of
    people who trade purely from their emotions. Double click on the
    video link below to check it out. Please also note that the room
    password is changing today as well.

    See everyone Monday!


    Please visit the above link and login with your assigned
    username/password to obtain the current lock room code.


    Geoffrey Preston aka "CajunSniper"
    Trader/Administrator - Learn to Day Trade While Generating Income
    Have questions about investing? Come join in the discussion forum.

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  2. Lord Almighty. What nonsense.

    But then again, who am I to say what is and isn't "heard psychology"?
  3. These clowns are so ridiculous.

    No way anyone with a tradeable and scalable edge in futures is going to share it with the masses.

    How stupid are people?
  4. FTR, you're a double-secret shill for Puretick ... where's Bogan7 when you need'em? :p
  5. Seesh. Sorry guys, we can't be perfect in all categories! I sent out that broadcast not Alex. I'm a decent trader but I do lack in the spelling bee department! I'll post a formal apology tomorrow.

    Geoff / Cajun

  6. Brandonf

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    I got an F in spelling in the 4th grade, and I think that my spelling ability probably peaked there, but it's had little effect on my common sense, logic, analytical abilities and the profitability of my trading, or that of those I have worked with.
  7. I agree with the point you're making. I said what I said on general principal. The irony was that he was making fun of "the herd" for their ignorance and didn't even spell "herd" correctly.

    I found the irony humorous. I'm no spelling professor myself.

    Hope everything's going good for you man.
  8. Brandonf

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    Thanks Reaver. I have another surgery on Thursday, but its in and out the same day, so I guess it's not anything too complex. I swear to god though I wish I'd have known I had my own tits about the time I hit puberty, I would have either done a lot better in school or a lot worse, I have not decided which one yet. :))
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    Hehe... I think the real irony in this is that you wrote "PRINCIPAL" instead of "PRINCIPLE". Now that's funny.
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