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  1. Like any cult, the leader is often portrayed to be something he isn't, the followers who remain are interested in the organisational politics more than the trading (infact the longtime traders who remain probably trade very little), the newbs are all treated like dummies and anyone who challenges "the leaders words" are attacked. Name for me one organisation where this dynamic doesn't operate?

    Most probably the guy spouting such hateful stuff (along with most woodie bashers) got his start in trading life from Woodie. And this is the way he shows his gratitude. He should keep his opinions to himself and do something constructive (like others have done) and show some semblance of respect. Let the few who are destined to be profitable in Woodies room figure out the cult for what it is and move on when the time is right for them.

    I have noticed lately though that woodies CCI has really dumbed things down alot. Less emphasis on ghosts (they recently pulled practically the entire ghost thread from the woodie forum). Regular divergence is gone, reverse divergence is not emphasised, infact the worst trade in the WCCI arsenal - the ZLR, is the one that is talked about the most. Admitedly they have recognised that and added a trendline break nuance to improve things if you see the latest video on the woodies site. Same with the gb100 - it is now "policy" as before it was just 'hearsay".

    To woodies credit though, recently he has introduced the 'Tony trade', a trade that was 'discovered' by one of the moderators. That shows to me that they have learnt from the mistakes of the past and are willing to innovate somewhat. Pity though so many top traders have left from there - would have been a great community if most had stayed and woodie/hardcore followers were more open minded.

    There, i've had my rant....on with the show :)
  2. What is the Tony trade ?
  3. No Sport didn't learn much from Woodie. He was a friend until the room soured on him but he does seem to have held a pretty strong grudge - I think he enjoys the attention and writing his blog.

    ZLR, tonytrade (just read it, lol), and the various deep retrace and trendline cross trades that have existed over time are all essentially pull backs to the 14sma (zlr) or longer mas and then continuations of the trend. There's no more reliable trade for a trending tradable (nk, hsi, estx, gbl, eurfx, jpy etc).
  4. Everyone sees the same thing slightly differently. What is a ZLR/trend pullback(tony trade/gb100) etc. on one timeframe is a divergence type trade on another (ghost/regular or reverse divergence/shamu/vegas trade). The former is bouncing of major support/resistance (MA,fibo,trendline,pivots etc.) and the later is a spent force in one direction and ready to roll over to the reverse. Every ZLR exhibits some divergence characteristics when 'bouncing' and vice versa. A divergence type trade will always exhibit ZLR characteristics on a faster timeframe to propel it to the opposite direction.

    ZLR's that have inherit within them credible divergence characteristics on another timeframe(s) are far more reliable than a simple pullback with no confirmation - and the way woodie teaches with sidewinder/chop zone indicators is simply not good enough in my experience (fx).
  5. For what it is worth, I have tried a couple of chat rooms and I have found that they led to confusion ... my confusion that is.

    Mostly, I found that were more opinions offered than there were people in the room which meant that some folk held more than one opinion at any given time.

    IMHO, trading is a solitary pursuit requiring as much sole searching as technical ability.
    By this I mean that it is your own sole that you should be searching not that of somebody else out of sheer frustration.

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