Trading Room Chat Log - Exposed

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  1. Merry Monday,

    Here is a snap from the chat room log on Friday when we closed for the week. Looks like some of the guys had a decent week. Some of these nick names you will recognize from being E.T. members. Posting this to maybe inspire some people to think more positivly, get addtional decent traders in the room and because I'm feeling good about this week. The room is mostly audio of course with the education but not sure how to post MP3's on here. - CajunSniper

    15:45:36 {duke<EN>} whoa scalped another +10
    15:45:47 {RoboCop} the Robster
    15:45:57 {RoboCop} always gets his targets
    15:46:01 {duke<EN>} nice robo
    15:48:24 {Agentcdh} +25 on YM
    15:51:58 {Rockhoundnz<EN>} Put my platform away for the day. 5 profitable days in a row this week. Nothing huge, like $45 net average, but all green.
    15:52:12 {RAC} great job Rock
    15:52:15 {Agentcdh} yep me too!
    15:52:22 {duke<EN>} nice rock
    15:53:01 {Larry} nomination*
    15:53:02 {Rockhoundnz<EN>} yep, thanks to a good coach!!!!!
    15:53:14 {duke<EN>} this is great for confidence, that's half the battle I think, is what van Tharp sz
    15:53:28 {Agentcdh} who is casey anthony
    15:53:39 {AlexL2} <<file:...\UPLOADS\2008-08-15 t155339_AlexL2.HCC>>
    15:53:49 {Gimmy} Disconnected 8/15/2008.
    15:54:17 {RockyO} Disconnected 8/15/2008.
    15:54:20 {Larry} this case is bizzare
    15:54:21 {Agentcdh} exactly, mother of the year
    15:54:24 {CajunSniper} yep 4 days green out of 5 for me (was off one)
    15:54:26 {RAC} Alex, thanks for the week. Have a great weekend.
    16:07:51 {kbtrader} Thanks Alex & Caj have a great weekend see everyone monday.

    Cajun Sniper - Co-Admin/Trader - Profit from Panic
  2. Surdo


    I hope you treated yourself to a sack after such a great week Rock!

  3. Tcbjx9


    now thats actually funny surdo!! ha.. maybe im just hungry

    TC!! puretick shill #34
  4. I think Alex is the best paper trader out there. Good work man!
  5. Surdo


    I am so glad you approve, now go get a tissue, you have some of Cajuns jizz on your upper lip.
  6. Tcbjx9


    I'm pretty sure Alex is using cash. They are doing a mentorship today and there is a student talking and observing. I'll just ask him when hes not in his prescence. hehe

    I don't care if he trades with an abacus as long as the signals called in the room put money in my account. When my girlfriend paper trades she makes $2000+ a day. Switches to cash and loses every day. So perhaps thats the answer. Follow a paper trader with no questions asked and profit from their calm mental state. Hmm I've heard of other room modertors paper trading to produce great signals for their users.

  7. TsunTzu


    Am I missing something in this post? I cant see how it would inspire or motivate anyone. I have been trading for 8 years full time and I reckon you either have the self belief or you dont. If a chat transcript pumps you up and makes you want to trade then I think your on a very slippery slope.

    Focus on yourself and block out what everybody else is doing, you have to find your own path in this job.
  8. Rockhoundnz

    Rockhoundnz Guest

    Hehe... if I did it would be a beer. Just happy to be constantly improving and becoming more consistent really.
  9. Rockhoundnz

    Rockhoundnz Guest

    And there is the reason why most people fail at trading.
  10. A service will always post good things about them self and never bad things ( which is normal )
    It seem that every ne is happy but what about the people who are not happy
    People who tried to call you to cancel their service and no one ever pick the phone - ?
    While the web site say you have to call to cancel your service
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