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Discussion in 'Trading' started by pcp198, May 30, 2010.

  1. pcp198


    I'd like to get some feedback if theres interest in a conference call as a replacement for a trading room.
    There would be no fee, and it will be open to everyone for the first 2 weeks, but after that period I'd like to limit it only to traders who have regularly contributed good trade setups.
  2. pcp198


    No interest = not happening.

    Thanks guys
  3. joe4422


    Hey I'm interested.

    Sounds really cool. Thanks.

    If I can't contribute good calls, can I just pay a fee to listen in?

    Any other fools out there that want to join in?
  4. Why not a chat room hosted in IRC? It's free, the client software is free... Just need a few mods to start the rooms & police it with a vengeance from spammers & snake oil salesmen. I suggested this a while ago in the ES journal thread & CL journal thread, but it didn't go anywhere. I like the discussion there, but too tiresome to hit reload on the pages. Plus, this is lot less distracting than phone calls and no need to tie up a line (cell, landline, voip... whatever). We so totally need a ES room & CL room it's not even funny. Someone? Please?
  5. We trade, ES, NQ, CL & NG. We need traders to cover, Fx and Asia overnight markets.

    I keep seeing this need over and over again, and it aligns with my vision to have a virtual trading floor similar to the one I used to work on, where traders cover various interrelated markets in real time helping each other out minus the BS.

    I have a chat thats been around off and on for about a year, and I used to have a small fee with it as a barrier to entry. It worked to keep detractors out, but now with the help of our members we have a system in place to handle that nicely so now I don't have to charge a cover. So its now free and operational 24/7 though donations are welcome if you find value.

    So now you guys/gals can stop starting up threads about chats. Mine is free and its solid.

    See you on the trading floor..
  6. pcp198


    Joe, let me explain why fools might want to join.

    When I said No fee, that actually means you DO NOT have to pay a fee, didnt mean to confuse you.

    If your looking for chat room where you dont have to contribute.. no problem, I can set one up just for you, where you and other traders can sit around all day and chat about your favorite indicators and how MACD sounds like somthing off the dollar menu.
  7. PCP a conference call with to many on it can be a serious distraction. I used to be on them, and I can't even stand them for the morning when I did have them. I think having a chat allows others to ease into an already cohesive group. I just don't see how thats done on a conference call. I know if I am talking on a conference call and some one talks out of turn and off topic, you got to respond to it and reestablish the flow of the conversation. In a chat you can just skip what the guy said and continue the discussion.

    Do what you want, I like your enthusiasm to bring people together, but that has been my experience with conference calls of 10 or more.

  8. NoDoji


    Conference call with four of us has been working very well. Above five or six I can imagine would be difficult.