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  1. Why did you get into trading? What's the best trade you ever made?
  2. I got into trading because it is such an exotic way of making money. I also barely graduated from high school with math being my weakest this is like a huge challenge for me. I dont really have a standout trade but i had some really nice weeks. About 2 months ago i had a week where i took over 10 net pts from the market....and last month i took a total of 16.4 net points from the market. (im only trading stocks). Thats really good for me since for the longs time markets been kicking sand in my face.
  3. I got into trading when that daytrader killed all those people in Atlanta. I figured anything that could get somebody that wound up was something I needed to check out.
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    trading rocks?

    yea - i used to do a bit down the meat packing district. i had a good deal goin down - $20 a rock. if you spent $100 on rocks, i'd give you a free pipe.

    muck more profitable than the powdered yuppie stuff. my bitchiz just couldnt get nuff.