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    As per Xspurt suggestion,

    "An alternative to losing you money is to open a journal here and sim live and invite more experienced traders to help you correct the encyclopedia of mistakes you are going to make, and then when you can take the heat you will be ready for market heat. I would certainly recommend an ET journal as it will nor only save your $'s but give you a chance of making it." -

    I still didn't get the alternative to losing money part...

    Been thinking about starting a journal actually but was in dilemma to start one here or in BMT... I choose to start here as the folks here seems to be more open then BMT - bashing multicharts... well maybe I will migrate there if I decided to migrate to NinjaTrader?

    anyway I will be paper trading using Multicharts Starter Edition although I have a tiny funded account with AMP Clearing (their customer service sucks unfortunately,but I already wired the money and I need a cheapest possible solution for tiny retail trader? with paper trading capabilities,datafeed etc - CQG gives 6 months or so backfill - actually I was about to go with deepdiscounttrading) - not touching it till I am confident.

    I believe with this combination I will be getting a serverside stoploss and pending orders no? I'm still wondering if Multicharts comes with a paper trading mode like ninjatrader... why I choose Multicharts over NinjaTrader? because it looks more professional IMO and I have yet to understand all it features - unfortunately lack of their documentation,webinars and all that.

    Actually I have started a journal on Microsoft OneNote (still figuring out how to hack it to suits a trading journal) or maybe someone would recommend an excel instead?

    I'm not sure if any of the ET guys heard of Ryan Watts, I am currently on his

    "Progressive Flow Exercises - The Developmental Steps for Mastering the Watts Scalping System"

    Goals are:

    To get “in the Flow”
    To build a price action foundation
    To learn how price behaves around the Keltner Channels.
    To build the system from the ground up and own it To develop good vision, intuition and work ethic around trading

    (can I share it here Ryan? I email you with no respond and your website seems to be last updated last year - Trading notes 11/02/12)

    Why I choose futures instead of OTC forex - transparency and centralized volume.

    eventually I believe understanding order flow,volume will help me with my trading...

    thank you for visiting and hopefully helpful replies

    have a nice weekend - appreciate your time