Trading Remotely for a prop firm ??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hippietrader, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. I like to find out if there is anyone who had paid several thousands for online training and then successfully make a living trading the firm's capital after the training.

    How much was your initial training fees? Did you have to pay for more training to continue working for the firm?

    How long before you re-coup your initial investment in the training?

    How many months/years of learning before you are make a living trading the firm's capital full time?

    Would you had been able to pick up your skills from somewhere else for less if you have the capital to trade on your own?

    Thank you all for your response.
  2. Dude, there's no such thing. Anybody who says otherwise, is lying, period.

    The 'training' is just a deposit fee in disguise.

    A 'firm', conartist, broker, dealer, bookie, casino, exchange, co., etc, is in business to make a *profit* from/through you.

    They're not in business to "serve" you!

    No business with a successful training model/profitable operation will bother with training a bunch of newbie dummies remotely. It would be a complete waste of time/money.
  3. That is my perception too. I just want to see if I may be wrong, that there is indeed a fair percentage who made it this way.

    Firms that charge big training fees have no interest in the trader making a profit. They keep the many thousands in training fees no matter what happens to the trader. Their profit is form training fees, not form the split they get the profitable traders working for them.

    They sell the DREAM of "trading the firm's capital" when in reality "the firm's capital" is the money traders handed over to the firm as over-priced training fees.