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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by gimp570, May 20, 2003.

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    If you trade a proprietary account, remote, can you get health insurance through the company that you trade with???
    Anyone know of any companys that offer it????

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    I know that Carlin (Generic) used too, not sure if they still do.

  3. Fairly certain all of them do.
  4. Health Insurance is the "weakest link" with the trading firms. Bright has a source they use, but, it's NOT a group policy (as of last year) and it required individual qualification, which did NOT work for us. We found a 'major medical' policy through another source, still NOT a very solid long-term solution. . . . .
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    When I was with Bright up until the beginning of this year I used thier health plan and it was a group plan. My girlfriend (domestic partner) got covered even though she has medical history that everyone else denies her for. What is the other solution you found?
  6. Wow, good to hear. The 1st Bright plan we contacted (18-20 months ago after I'd been there a year or so) was NOT an 'unrestricted' group plan. I got 'bumped' due to a couple of pre-existing conditions.

    We went with a Major Medical (high deductibles and NO paid/reimbursed office/lab visits) plan out of Tennessee - Mid-West National Life/Health Insurance Company. They've done well paying for prescription drugs, we've had no other claims (yet) after 10 months!

    I'll check into the Bright 'plan' again once these folks raise their fees a bunch in the 2nd year (like they ALL do!!).
  7. I have an independent std medical plan (not hmo, ppo, or any of that mess). I got it while I was an independent consultant, and kept it because the thought of paying COBRA rates if I lost my present job was a killer..

    Even though it's more expensive, it's better (for me) in the long run.

    After your deductible, _everything_ is covered. I got my plan through State Farm, but you can probably contact fortis directly.
  8. Yeah, several years ago I had a similar plan with State Farm. It was excellent - low cost and coverage was still top knotch!!

    Wish they offered it in Arizona!

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    You want health insurance?

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