Trading REITS Intraday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stoxxrockett, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Just started my day trading career and began trading capital on Monday, so I apologize if some of my beginning posts are not good. I am a semi-pro poker player and have got a lot of benefit out of a poker forum similar to this so I hope that I can use this resource to my benefit.

    My first thought is on trading REITS, primarily SLG and IYR. They have had a huge run up with the market, but with a pullback seeming like it has to happen in the near future I am thinking that there will be a lot of opportunities to short REITS intraday because they are overbought. Do you think that there is a lot of position trading opportunties on the short side, or should I be looking to scalp a lot of these opportunities?