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  1. Post real time trades from the past.. you can include whatever you want .. time and sales, statements you name it go ahead and post it!

    From time to time I will post some of my trades and history from the past. i am a full time trader in stocks and futures and options. It is not my only occupation, but my other endeavors have done very well which has afforded me the ability to "PLAY" and win and sometimes lose in these crazy markets.

    Ok.. I am still trying to understand why very few people on this site are willing to share their actual trading records even if they are from the past. I have no problem sharing records from today or from the past. I told everyone months ago I had no endgame and that i opened a 35K account with 10k risk capital to see if it is still possible to make money with a small account and i shared some real results.. lol and got discredited by the usual peanut gallery. Anyway.. my other alias was limitupmike. Lastly, it is much harder to make big money with a small account!!!!!! you cannot use scaling in and out which in my opinion is a serious disadvantage.

    This is long enough. Post at will.. hopefully someone will get something out of this... then again maybe not. I am soooo looking forward to the negative posters commetns and the non-believers out there!
  2. 2003 trading records by exit date and symbol
  3. wow.. no negative feedback you have got to be kidding me... there is usually very little positive feedback but most love to spew the someone else post some historical trades.
  4. feb 20 2008 scalps
  5. oil chart with trades. you can see how is scale in and scale out picking tops and bottoms intra day
  6. I decided that I will post historical trade data once a day... othrs feel free to post any historical trades you want..

    let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to post.. if i traded it or anything similar i will search and find it and try to post it for you.
  7. how do you manage to perfectly pin point the tops every time?
  8. Hindsight.
  9. sounds like it to me
  10. LOL.. TRY TEN YEARS TRADING.... but guess what.. that happened to be a pretty good day .. i have bad ones as we all do but none of this was hindsight.. lmao!!!!! appreciate the replies!

    if you want to learn it then trade it for real no demo just real money!

    market mapper.. highs and lows picked were not perfect.. when i beleive in a trade i go at it with gusto!

    that chart is far from perfect and oh yes please explain to me how that could be hindsight? that is a ninja trader developed chart .. never modified.. i don't have the time and i have no end game.. so why?

    sometimes when things are too good to be true... they aren't!

    everything has its breaking point.. eventually a rubber band will break or a rally will stop or a huge range bar with lots of volume will.. exhaust many
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