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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by chessman, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. chessman

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    It appears most of the high end traders and hedge fund managers scoff at backtesting tools like Tradestation and Metastock. Most of them tend to favor Trading Recipes and Veritrader, anyone here on ET have any experience with them?
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    trading recipes covers far more scope. it isn't about testing "a" system, it is about testing a union of multiple systems. it can help you figure out how much to risk where, which is a far different question than "can i make money shorting a high RSI".

  3. Can you comment on a comparison of Trading Recipes and Wealth Lab? They are the only two commercially available system design/testing platforms that allow testing of various bet-sizing strategies (that I know of). I'm going to buy one of the two. Any thoughts on which is better?
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    i haven't used personally used tradingrecipes so i can't make a comparison. then again, this is partly because after i found Wealthlab i stopped looking for alternatives. :)

    i supplement wealthlab with custom software i build myself.

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    For a Tradestation user like myself, it appears Rina systems has developed a product which will work with TS. With their software and TS you can test a basket of different commodities to evaluate how are particular strategy or mkt performs at portfolio level.

    Almost every review I have seem of Wealthlab seems to be good. Can you do portfolio level backtesting in it?

  6. It's a DOS program and only works on EOD. Lol. Still, is it just the bet-sizing and multi position/multi system features that distinguish it? Why not just use Wealth Lab or even Amibroker?