Trading raw on YouTube

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  1. you verified or he claims? I am sure there are hundreds on YouTube. The entry costs are low :D
  2. You can only rely on what he posts, besides, his style of trading is very interesting..
  3. I watch the last one from 10.5. He did very well.

    It was no clear how he distributed 10,000 shares. I was looking the the bid ask volume but did not see a clear sign how he did it. Was it for real? Never the less cool execution on his part.
  4. Dustin


    Not saying he's not for real, but here's my observation.

    He's talking over his recording from earlier in the day explaining what's happening, and somehow never gets odd-lot fills.

    You could mimic his videos easily with a delayed demo.
  5. olias


    I haven't watched the video, but that is my suspicion. You gotta treat these guys like you would someone who claims to be psychic...gotta ask yourself 'is there any way he can fake this?'. If there's a chance he's just using prerecorded data, then I would pay him no mind.
  6. I always liked watching this guy's videos:

    I've no idea what happened to him (he was an intermittent poster, at best). Maybe he blew up, or maybe his parents shut off his internet and forced him to get a job after high school so he had to double shift at Burger King. In any case, real-or-simulated, it was entertaining to watch and he had some kick ass music.
  7. LEAPup


    He's trading 300 contracts? OUCH! That's over my head, no question.
  8. I trade size too. Sometimes up to 500 cars. Then I switch back to Live Trading. :)
  9. LEAPup


    Lol! I understand. I could trade 300, but a move two points against me would finish my account off in the blink of an eye.:( :eek: :D

    Think I'll stick with a "little" less.:)
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