Trading Ranges

Discussion in 'Trading' started by arzoo, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. arzoo


    I trade on breakouts and breakdowns, but am curious how guys trade the range between support and resistances.

    What are the indicators that you look at and when do you cut on a trade (what would the signal be)?

    Also, just as there are issues that breakout/down more than others, I noticed some issues like to trend in ranges more than others, which issues do you concentrate on?
  2. basically, when you're trading a stock that trades in a range all day, you want to get in with a lot of shares at a time.

    for instance, before PALM did their reverse split (only G-d knows why lol) could trade them more or less in a range.

    you're basically trading for rebates.bidding and asking. you would catch anywhere from .5 a penny to a full penny. with 10-15 thousand shares, a penny is 100-150.not bad.

    even if you get out at the same price, rebates on 15 thousand shares aren't too shabby either.
  3. arzoo


    I'm not too versed on rebates, how does that work. Do all brokers give that, and on what types of volumes?