Trading Radio Shows on the Net? Do any still exist?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by seasideheights, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Bright Trading used to have a radio show about trading & the markets that you could listen to on the net.

    Are there any trading shows (not ones that run during mkt hours, but off hours trading shows) that still are operational & can be accessed via the net?

  2. i'd like to know as well.
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    me too.
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    Gary Kaultbaum has one of the best, you can find it @


    Ps, Please note I have no affiliation whatsoover with Gary. Only that I've emailed him several times with questions and he was always prompt and helpful beyond what I would have expected. Seems like a solid trader and a classy guy to boot. One of the best out there In my opinion. Around 2001 or so when I decided I wanted to learn more about momentum trading, using the technicals with the fundamentals etc, he and Marc Boucher were by far the most helpful resourses. What I do more closely resembles what Boucher does, but Gary was by far the most helpful. As I said, every email and question I ever sent him got a helpful and thoughtful reply. I can't speak hightly enough of him. Anyway, I hope this does not sound like an infomertial, that would not do justice to Gary.

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  6. i se Gary on tv alot. i really enjoy his commentary as he is serious and tells it like it is. he should have his own show.
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    Gary gives sound trading advice if you are a big follower of IBD type trading. On the flip side, he typically goes on his right wing nut job rants from time to time which can get disgusting (his frequents FOX News Business Block). In addition, you can hear the seething in voice at his jealousy of Cramer, since both have personalities that long for attention and acceptance.

    In short, Gary is a good trader and I think tries to be a good guy but his arrogance and know-it-all-attitude about topic outside of trading are a turn off. Ironically, one of the things that Gary does well in his trading is lacking certainty, a key trait in any good trader -- and is completely opposite on his views outside of trading.

    Finally, he calls a lot of tops and in retrospect make large claims (like all promoters/TV personalities) that I called this top, I called that top (and of course he doesn't cal a "top" until a big dow day), ala IBD.

    For a show that is lightyears better and teaches a real methodology, check Tom O'Brien's show, is available on iTunes podcasts for FREE if you can't pick it up in your area.

    I am a follower of neither system but enjoy listening to both shows. The Tom O'Brien show is be FAR the BEST market commentary period (I like the first 15 mins of the market watch). If you download the podcast I think you need to go into it like 1 hour since his show starts at 4 but the "good" recaps are usually around 5:05 (so about 1 hour in).

    As a side note, Tom O Brien was short big time before this recent down move though he was short I think several months early he made a killing on the big down move and covered on the low day (amazing) which was his target. I'm going to attend one of his courses.
  8. Careful Brandon... if Gary & Mark Boucher are like IBD, they'll sue you for saying their info was useful & complimenting them!