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    I've been daytrading just stocks for 11 yrs, full-time for 6 yrs, I've made decent percentage gains av. 39% annually. Recently i got streaming option upgrade to my software (quotetracker 3.8.5b) so i've watching call and put movements. Now based on paper trades of the qqqq June 47 call and put options, I'm averaging 80% a trade. I had difficulty placing and getting an order executed thru my broker (tdameritrade) by was of (datek) back in da day.

    Are my expectations to high or should I slap myself for not trading options earlier?

    here are some charts to support my theory hit me back!
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    june 47 call intraday chart 6-14 qqqfu
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    10 day chart qqqq
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    wow 39% annually, yeah right. No way you will make those returns with options.
  5. Are you seriously buying puts and call intraday based upon the parabolic SAR?
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    notice that the option had a gain of 80+% intraday vs qqqq gain of .70+%

    hit me back!
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    10 day chart qqqfu
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    i trade "stocks" using parabolics and the other indicators on the chart