Trading psychology by Brett Steenbarger

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    I just read this one and find it very interesting. Most of us started trading as transactional, i.e., trying to make money from the market. As we progress along we develop a more intrinsic relationship with the market, i.e., taking a deeper interest of the market and trying learn how it works.

    Then solving the puzzle takes priority over P/L. It’s not that P/L is unimportant anymore, but rather it will take care of itself when the puzzle is solved.
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  2. [​IMG] Most here on ET have solved the puzzle long ago , and now mentor others.
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    Well if the puzzle is solved one should just take whatever one can from the market.

    PS, I know you’re being sarcastic. :sneaky:
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    Ken.jpg Most here on ET have solved the puzzle long ago , and now mentor others :D
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  5. Not most
  6. He's got the ol' crazy eyes
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    Hilarious. :D:D:D

  9. zdreg is poster boy for this

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  10. That's not the face or personality of a trader, or a truly successful one anyways.
    That's the face, eyes, and personality....of a problematic gambler who seeks the high, rush and thrill and emotions and prospect of the win.

    I hate to pass judgement on someone or people so quickly, but I've always been a good reader of people.
    The bests traders are calm, neutral, quiet-looking, mute, shy, introspective and a bit borderline psycho.
    You have to peel at them slowly, and gently, like skinning a grape. Not slicing and dicing with force to a watermelon or orange.

    Scientific studies have been done on facial features and personalities and determine what kind of person they are, their pros/cons, strengths and weaknesses.
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