Trading properly is SATISFYING & RELAXING

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by IN2WIN, Jul 29, 2003.

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    After looking over the "Is good trading boring?" thread I felt this might be an appropriate survey.

    I find there are few situations in life where the gratification comes as quickly as when trading well.

    It is the "perfect" place to exercise self mastery and make money at the same time. In addition, there is NO stress or "decision making" in following the exact rules of a system.

    Therefore, trading correctly is both satisfying and relaxing. Not to mention very profitable as well.


    Excellent post and thread. I see your point, I think "trading properly is satisfying and relaxing" is boring. I was just replied on another thread, and talked about increasing discipline and focusing on a set number of stocks. Thats quite boring, and scanning the night before, and coming in with a plan is very boring.

    That boredom however, increases longevity. I know of so many people who don't eat red meat, dont smoke, drink eat junk food and run. They are some of the most boring people I know, and they'll be around a lot longer than I will if I keep doing what I'm doing :)

    I used the term successful, from now on I will refer to myself as a "self mastered" trader. Isn't that the same thing? Great post, IN2WIN.
  3. Thats funny...I drink, eat red meat and smoke to alleviate the boredom brought on by trading. :D
  4. LOL




    Right now I'm eating a "medium well" porterhouse with Jack Daniels marinade, drinking a glass of Merlot, and shortly after I will have a Marlboro Light.

    While typing, I dropped some JD sauce on my "plan"
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    It may be that I find trading as relaxing and satisfying as I do because my system has no "homework". It is based solely on current price action. So I can tune in anytime, scan the prior hour or so quickly and be set to enter a trade when signaled.


    My primary scans are done at night, but scan continously throughout the day.
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    when i am trading well, i feel very relaxed and satisfied. i know i'm getting close to mastering my emotions b/c yesterday i felt great at the end of the day, and i was not profitable. i'm starting to focus and judge myself by the way i trade, not the outcome.
  9. But surely, by trading consistently with a deffinite edge and good risk management, the outcome of a single day doesn't much matter in the grand scheme of things...?


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    yes. and i need to learn that as well. last week i had a horrible beginning as my discipline fell apart. i was down quite a bit, and then friday, by just deciding to follow my rules, i made last week breakeven. funny how that works, eh?
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