Trading profitably based a strategy found on ET?

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Trading profitably based a strategy found on ET?

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  1. Yes, I'm trading profitably based on a strategy found on ET.

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  2. No, I haven't found on ET any strategy being a profitable one.

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  3. I have a feeling I should be able to find on ET a profitable strategy later.

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  4. I wouldn't expect a profitable strategy could be found on ET.

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  1. Please kindly vote whether you are currently (or close to) "Trading profitably based a strategy found on ET?" or not, perhaps with some non-core modifications. Thanks!
  2. never found anything profitable here.
  3. I doubt you can find a profitable strategy here... simply because no strategy is going to be truly profitable, no matter how good or carefully designed, unless you firmly believe in it; and it is very hard to believe firmly in a strategy that was simply posted on a public forum... However you might find some pointers that will help you develop your own winning strategy... for instance a couple of ideas of what not to do... or some good feedback as too how to use this or that indicator...
    and you can also blow some steam when things go sour... or get into a good ole flame war when you feel like bitchin at the markets...
  4. Perhaps you being a profitable trader would not bother to test anything else discussed on ET. That's normal.
  5. Looks like the pointers and brainstorming bits on ET would be quite valuable to many posters.

  6. No....lots of good ideas here....just not anyone with a whole trade system released that is fully profitable (and why should they release all the details....that is not how this game is played).

    There are several good threads at ET right now that involve some very good ideas, which can be developed into very profitable systems imo .
  7. For me, reading through ET is like mining for diamonds...a lot of dirt to go through but if you look once in a while you find a gem. I've read quite a few things in the archives that have inspired me to re-think or learn more. That being said, won't find anything that you can just take and make money with. Even if someone details a strategy that is profitable for them, that doesn't mean that anyone can duplicate their success as there are many other factors involved. By the way I am mostly referring to discretionary here, as I don't do automated (not yet anyway).
  8. Many thanks to those experienced traders who have posted so many Subtle/ Interesting but Valuable/ Profitable ideas on ET. :cool:

    Sometimes too many good ideas, requiring too much time/ energy for exploring! :D
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