trading ( price ) data indicators for europe equity exchanges

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  1. Frankfurt Stock Exchange ?
    London ?
    Paris ?

    how come it is a simple thing for me to get
    this info on USA exchanges ... and not so simple for
    equivalent in europe ?

    does E - Signal or some other vendor now offer this
    as an add on ?
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    what do you mean by "(price) data indicators"? if you mean things like $tick,trin etc., IB offers them for some of the exchanges, including frankfurt, london, paris - look in the product section on their website.
  4. thats good news that IB offers TICK

    I only saw Xetra and London ... not Frankfurt

    what about the number of advancing issues
    ( breadth figures ) ?

    I know for a fact IB does not offer this

    A sale rep for E Signal just told me they do not offer this ...

  5. do you have any idea how expensive "PROQUOTE "

    or do you have a screen shot of proquote showing what I am looking for ?

    thanks for the link ...
  6. about £100-£150

    used it 2years ago , Try out the free trial
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    SethArb - xetra IS frankfurt, 80%+ of the frankfurt volume is through xetra, the rest is the floor volume.

  8. any other european companies doing this besides

    proquote , and do they provide data for MAC 's?

    ( seems like proquote only works with windows )
  9. anyone ever heard of this vendor?

    would they offer what I am looking for ?

    ( ok ... time to go to zzzz )

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