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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Trader01, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. Trader01


    I like trading news in stocks. For example, stock ABC warns at 9:00 am est that they will miss revenue targets by 50%. I want to short stocks like this for a quick scalp. Which news service would do me the best job? I assume a bloomberg terminal will be the best. However, I cannot afford that.

    Here is a list of news services from esignal. Which of these would be the best? Or which news service not listed would be the best? Thank You.

    Dow Jones Business News Headlines $30/mo.
    Dow Jones Business News Full Text $40/mo.
    Dow Jones News Service Headlines $75/mo.
    Dow Jones News Service Full Text $115/mo.
    COMTEX Wall Street CustomWire $30/mo.
    Reuters U.S. Company News $15/mo. (NEW!)
    Hightower $20/mo.
    1010Wall Street $30/mo.
    Marketline $30/mo.
    Vickers $30/mo.
    Instant Advisor $90/mo.
    NetEarnings $30/mo.
    Group Power
  2. Jaba122


    Can eSignal alert you whenever a particular keyword occurs in a bunch of realtime news? Say that you are playing biotechs, and want to be alerted whenever words like "FDA" or "Approval" or "Phase III" occur in hundreds of news you will receive from the news feed. Can eSignal do that? or you have to search for those keywords manually? That's an important factor.
  3. FYI, I used to subscribe to the above when I traded news. It was $75/month. Streaming news filtered by keywords, so Jaba you could look for "FDA," "Phase III," and the like and the result is highlighted. As a matter of fact, I used those exact searches many times. Then you just click on the highlighted result and the whole story comes up. I was very satisfied with the product while I used it.

    They have since been purchased by Reuters but I believe the product is the same. Plus they had good support and customer service.

    I'm not affiliated in any way, just a satisfied former customer....
  4. Jaba122


    thanx hapaboy. I'm using newsware with myTrack, works pretty good, the interface is kind of strange but, hey, it does the job. i was particularily interested in the way eSignal handles these news alerts (keyword triggered) if at all, because I am a little sick of myTrack and I was considering eSignal as an option. Maybe somebody could relate...