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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by billyqie, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Hi guys,
    I got an interview coming up soon. But I'm still trying to fingure out how to answer some of the questions.
    in fact, i've met with some traders from that company in the 1st round interview.
    they were quite ok with my background, but they wanted to know why i want to be a trader. and they want me to answer that correct in the 2nd round.

    my background: B.E. in Electrical Engineering, one year Risk Management working exp in Credit Suisse. CFA level 2. Master in Financial Engineer to be...

    I love trading because
    1)I'm good at numbers,
    2)I love the challenge and excitement from trading floor.
    3)I'm an entrepreneuer who has strong desire to achieve, and the ability to catch opportunity to make money from the market. (becos i cofounded 3 companies during my uni time)

    but the feedback from one of their traders is that my reasons are too "textbook", which can not impress them.

    So, as a young guy who wants to start a career in a prop trading firm, I'm willing to hear from you guys about
    1) why you want to be a trader?
    2) what is a trader looking for from a candidate?
    3) could you share with me about ur interview experience when u tried to find a way to the trading floor....

    Thanks a lot in advance!