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  1. Does anyone here have any trading related Podcast recommendations? I have only found two that seem to be worth my time:

    -Trader Interviews
    -Mind of A Trader

    Just curious if anyone else knows of any quality podcasts. There is certainly a lot of garbage out there.
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    try the Real story with Frank Curzio @

    It's a good recap on major trading news/trends on the day.
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    vince rowe has one. it's on the biz radio website,
  5. That is correct, today 10-14-2011 , just spent the hour listening to his " shore to shore USA radio show" . I timed it besides advertising his webinaire, Phil spent the majority in anger mode, then would say join my webinaire. For what, to get the introduction to behavior that would result in going to a anger managment class. Words like educated nincompopes, and "shut Up" to his cuts of people Phil hates.
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