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  1. J-Trader, NinjaTrader, TradeMaven, OpenECry.......& every other shitty trading platforms.

    With all these inferior trading front ends, I am just amazed that some people here actually make money? or am I wrong?
  2. Believe it or not Ripley, but some do make money on those platforms. U on TT?
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    I have been trying out this platform called: T4. I really like it. I agree with those other platforms. All meant for the small trader
  4. It's not the platform, it's the trader.
  5. I cannot afford $600 or so per month. And some reviews I read, it wasn't worth it. Maybe I should sign up for a trial. I just didn't like the way TT's DOM is. But, I cannot be too sure of that till I take a trial. I mean, even after I check it out, I don't think I'll be able to afford it.

  6. The platform should make a trader an even better trader. Most of the products out there would only hinder your trading.
  7. ya, all someone has to do is go out and buy a $2,000 tennis racket and he's a professional tennis player. so the same logic should apply, buy TT and your for sure a pro trader.
    ive noticed you included open e cry in that group. they actually have a pretty nice platform. i agree with the others in the group.
  8. The vast majority of ETers would be very well served with IB and Buttontrader. X_Trader is great, but sitting at home with a cable connection to a Houston IB with a fancy front-end isn't a huge value-add for your trading.
  9. There are some good front ends for IB, ZeroLine Trader, Buttom Trader etc.. but there is nothing else for other brokers. Everything else is aimed at people who place one or two trades per day.
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    yes on Ecry and Ninja, no on j-trader, no idea on tradmaven, then again maybe my expectation was tempered by jtrader experience.
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