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  1. matt36


    are there any futures trading platforms which are similar to nasdaq l2, I ask this as a soon to be displaced
    "pattern day trader" . I have read of liffe and nasdaq working together on single stock futures but I am wondering if there is any thing out there now ,with the look and or feel of level 2?

  2. Futures aren't electronic
    except for the E-mini S&P and a few others.

    The majority of futures (which there aren't many already)
    are traded by a process known as open outcry. This is a big group of private traders and brokers who have an daily auction so to speak.

  3. matt36


    Thank you, this is new territory. i'll check it out
  4. matt36


    what about nasdaq and liffe single stock futures comming in december, any word about margin and trading platforms? will this be suitable for day trading? where can you get more information on the look and feel of single stock futures trading? thanks guys
  5. elon


    Hi Matt,

    As one of the sources provided in the link for direct access, we do offer several diratc access platforms for electronic futures as well as open outcry.

    There are currently 3 systems that are the "closest" to nasdaq level II and we offer them and help the client see which one is better for him/her

  6. which platforms do you offer? I see no mention of them on your site except for Itrade (which I assume is browser based)
  7. elon


    PATS j-trader

    BEST direct


    Web based version.
    Depending on your style, needs etc. each one will have a certain advantage.

  8. What advantages do you offer that I would not get by using an FCM directly w/ Pats J trader?

  9. elon


    Can give you an honest opinion , rates and an alternatives in case you need other systems.

    Most FCM's like to work through Introducing brokers like us (this way the broker is responsible for margins, services etc.) and will sometimes provide us with better rates than you can get directly.

    The different FCM's will be restricted to offer you only their product.

    Since I prefer not to make this a "solicitation" response via this forum, please e-mail me directly or let ,me know where I can e-mail you.

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