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    I have been away from IB for about year and setup the new platform, I really do not know why they change it so often.

    Does any one kow if you can still point and click on
    booktrader anymore, when I click ask or bid, a screen pops up
    asking you to transmit losing valuable time when trading emini's
    I had one trade drop 300 before i finally got it off.

    Reading the manual does not appear to be any way to point and click anymore, hopeI am wrong

    Can any one elaborate on this

    Most appreciated, Greg
  2. IIRC it was a patent issue with TT or some other platform provider who claimed the mechanism of one-click DOM orders. Do a Search there was a lengthy thread about it.
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    Don't know why IB forces the confirm on point and click.

    I spoken with legal awhile back on TT's patent coverage - just for educational purposes. The patent TT filed is static DOM. It is _not_ enforcible if the the DOM is dynamic - it will automically recenter the prices after awhile. Meaning, if your DOM moves (after x configurable time period), you can tell TT to f off. If your DOM is static, you are f ed. I haven't used IB myself, but I suspect IB's DOM is static, hence they got to have a confirm for every click.

    PATS, Athena, Orc, they all have some sort of dynamic setting on the DOM.

    Check out PATS or ORC. Ninja pays TT, so their DOM maybe alright. We use PATS and TT.... as a way to keep our vendors honest and have redundency. The DOM behavior is practically the same.

    Honestly, I don't know how long TT can milk this static DOM invention of theirs. They need to put something else to the market that is innovative.
  4. Cunningham's T4 platform is superb. Personally, my favorite DOM of all, including TT, CQG, OEC and NINJA.

    You should check it out if looking for alternative. Some brokers offer it white-labeled.
  5. What is T4 charging currently? I was paying $500/mo before I moved to OEC and pay $0/mo there for their platform.

    Pricing may have changed, but it was based on amount of trading with a $500/max on it. No charts, data - just the T4 dom. Think I read they have charts now.