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  1. what trading platform do you guys use? I'm looking for a great one that lets you trade domestic and foreign equities, options, and futures, and commodities. No Etrade or Ameritrade garbage either..
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    Thinkorswim, options and futures in one account. Great and fast platform and execution.
  3. Arrrhgh... for futures and options, I use CQG. I mean the "integrated client" version, not the "trader" version of CQG.
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    gcitrading platform is one of the biggest platforms. They claim their transaction is $2 billion - $3 billion per month.
  5. Nice, in only one account. Where can I get access to this platform and is there any specific broker that distributes it? Oh, another question, I guess there is also the possibility to open a demo account with this platform, right?
  6. mike007

    mike007 is the broker. They have demos if you sign up to try out the software, however, you will have 20min delayed quotes until you fund the account
  7. For Options I use the Core Options which has worked good so far.
  8. I may get hurt for saying this, but did you look at TradeStation platform?

    I use TS for charting and as a backup brokerage, but they do have a habit of connection problems.
  9. Think I'm going to give TorS a shot. I've heard some good things about them. How are commissions there? I'm going to leave Etrade mostly b/c commissions are killing me.
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    I’m not sure but they handle something called fractional pips pricing also with rollover interest for night positions
    That’s the only you pay to trade
    The commissions you pay are totally unnecessary
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