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    anyone have a suggestion on a trading platform and company? I am trading at Infinity and the platform goes down all of the time and the brokers are rude... i feel a bit taken advantage of. I was looking at TS but the margins seem a little high.:confused:
  2. What are you trading?
  3. Try Assent.
    Their "Anvil" platform runs super "thin" and doesn't hog a lot of your computer's memory resources. The speed is excellent, while the charting capability is only fair, due to the platform having no access to historical data. It is made specifically for daytrading! Charts are intra-day, only. Can use candlesticks, or regular bars at various intervals. But only intra-day.

    You can open up a RETAIL account for $25,000 minimum and trade with 4:1 intra-day and 2:1 overnight.

    No Series 7 necessary for the RETAIL account, or 4:1 intraday margin.

    Platform fee is $100 per month for remote traders. Just make sure that you have an up to date computer with the necessary processor speed, memory, and fresh router/modem and broadband.

    I'm using Comcast "Blast" service for $53.00 per month and it seems to work pretty well with "Anvil".
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    Are you using the AT platform? If you're losing it, you have a problem on your end. It's pretty bulletproof.