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  1. Looking for CHARTING SERVICE/TRADING PLATFORM that you don't need a degree inengineering to figure out. Have tried STRATAGY TRADER, NINJA TRADER SIMULATED, TRADE NAVIGATOR, GFT FUTURES. The best charts IEPSTEIN but try to get a broker to help[even with broker assist. I found a broker at ALARON that will work with me.But trying to find a Platform seems a full time job for the novice. Any help greatly appreciated.:confused:
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    TradeStation works for the mentally challenged.
  3. Listen to Surdo, he knows this from his personal experience. He even has a little handicap sticker on his computer.
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    Make sure ya' save me a seat on the "short bus"!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  5. Okay it's a deal, but I've got the window seat, I don't care how many crayons you want to trade me for it.

    Later on man
  6. Grand Pa's love Tradestation but, NOT the talented, intelligent and savvy traders/investors who are aware of their other choices.
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    This Grand Pa has a large 2007 tax liability from using TradeStation's charts, alongside CQG and other execution software.

    The OP wanted a simple solution, and I gave him one.

    Instead of being a typical ET douchebag, tell the OP what platform you use. I read your journal, now I see what small potatoes you really are.

    el surdo
  8. Do not flatter yourself, the tax liability must be due tax evasion, although I doubt if a mentally handicapped, Surdo individual has ever reached, let alone having exceeded the tax bracket threshold.

    Thank you for following my journal, as you have noticed, extremely successful trading is not about size but, rather the % gained and the consistency and the accuracy with which it was achieved!

    As for the platform I use? It is proprietary and written by myself, utilizing the broker’s API. I would give more info on it but, your incomprehension of the level of sophistication involved would only push you to utilize more profanity that would in turn expose further the depth of your inner anger and the inferiority complexion you suffer from, obviously caused by your constant failures in trading and presumably life at such late stages of it too!

  9. I've looked at Ninja briefly and liked it a lot Vs. all the other platforms I've examined.
    Also take a look at the Sierra Charts, which I'd personally give it a 60% rating.
    Tradestation's charting used to be good by early 90's standards but it is way too obsolete now and not worth the learning curve.

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