Trading platform that has market replay?

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  1. I use ToS. It has a simulator called On Demand, but there is a one week wait period before a day can be re-traded. I would like to re-trade the current day after the regular trading hours are over (without having to wait a week), but do not know if this technology is available?
  2. Both Ninja Trader and Sierra Charts have market replay. No waiting.
  3. Thank you! Much appreciated. It is time consuming going through each potential platform sifting for the right info. It's good when someone else already has the info. Thanks again.
  4. I have used Sierra Charts replay feature and it works really well.
  5. has replay
  6. I will explore those platforms and options. Do you know if I will have to change brokers to use either one of those platforms (sierra charts and ninjatrade)? I will eventual figure this out for myself, but if you could give me a head start toward piecing it together, I would be appreciative. I trade futures on the ES. Mainly I practice on the simulator, but occasionally take a live trade.
  7. i believe TOS users are using tradelink via the td ameritrade connector (for trading and data collection). not sure of details though i don't use tos.
  8. Both support TD Ameritrade. Check with TOS if it would be possible.
  9. I know that in the case of NinjaTrader, you will not have to switch brokers just to use the Market Replay feature as that is completely free and does not require a broker connection.

    However, when you decide to start placing live trades with NinjaTrader you will need a supported brokerage. TD Ameritrade is support by NinjaTrader, but only for equities, so for Futures you would need a different broker to execute for futures.
  10. Thank you optimus john I have been using the market replay function of NT for a while now and switched to a new broker to trade futures
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