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Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Steve Tvardek, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Is there a trading platform that anyone would recommend that can handle the SPY's? The firm I work for has a platform that has issues with stuck ecn's when the market starts to move quickly making it nearly impossible to scalp the SPY's and QQQQ's. I talked to our head technician and he said that most trading firms have the same issues we have. Said it has something to do with too much data having to be checked and processed and fed through the lines. I dont know much about all this but was hoping someone else did. Thanks.
  2. Ahhh, life at swifttrade, eh?
  3. Hoi


    This will happen with streaming-data vendors...That's why I love IB because they use snapshot-data-feed, which always can follow the market (even when greenspan sneezes it is possible to scalp).
  4. Nah, I dont work at swifttrade, but I am guessing they have the same problems?

  5. So IB's platform can handle the SPYs even when they start to really move one way or the other? No issues with stuck quotes? I like to use buy and sell hot keys based on the inside market and when the quotes get stuck, I'm unable to hit anything. Since this is a speed game, I need a platform that doesnt lock up in these critical situations.

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    Trade ES then.
    Never a liquidity problem on the CME, and almost 24 hour trading.
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    Well, you can with IB (and TWS), but when you really want to scalp then you might look at ButtonTrader (sorry I'm biased )... just look at the Video-tutorials at our WebSite and you might find what you need.