Trading platform from behind a firewall?

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  1. Hi, I have some experience trading stocks and options (my broker is OptionsXpress), but they don't offer e-mini trading right now. I am looking for a good futures broker with the platform/software to allow me access from behind a firewall (trading from office :D).

    I have tried IB's TWS and J-Trader, but both software cannot login from my office. I believe, it's an issue with the firewall and blocking of the ports required for the host and streaming prices.

    Short of asking my IT dept and letting my bosses know that I'm trading during office hours, is there another solution?:confused:

    Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. THANKS!!!!!
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  3. Cool, I'm emailing them for a demo account (if possible??). Thanks for the tip! :D
  4. Cool, I'm emailing them for a demo account (if possible??). Thanks for the tip! :D
  5. Just to report... IB replied and they do not have trial of their mobile trading platform :eek:

    I did found out that Farr Financial / DTFutures have a web based trading platform. Just some information for those people who are in the same situation as me.
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    I used to run IB's TWS from behind my company's firewall. It required a LoopHole/Sockcaps 5 solution.

    Use the search function in the upper right hand corner ( enter loophole) and you will find what you are looking for.

  7. CyberTrader software works through firewalls. They also have web based trading if needed.

    You can also use QuoteTracker for a trading platform with both CyberTrader and optionsXpress (free fully registered for clients of either of those 2 brokers)

    You can access either account from QT, as well as IB and many other brokers. Futures are definitely supported.
  8. Be careful doing anything fancy to gain access from behind a corporate firewall or you might be looking for employment elsewhere.
  9. I've mucked around the 'sockscap' application for TWS, I can't get it to work on my PC tho' :(

    Thanks for the tip. Cybertrader offers web and standalone trading software. That's good enough for me. Unfortunately, the min. trade/contracts requirement is a turn off. There is a $25 data access charge if the account doesn't trade a minimum of 100 contracts/mth. I think it's already quite stressful for a starting 'newbie' futures trader, I don't need the 100 contract/mth pressure from my broker!

    QT is a good software, I have recommended it to some of my trading friends. I do have a suggestion on the news tho', I usually refer to CBS Marketwatch. It's more comprehensive than from the 2 available choices. It will be wonderful if QT can integrate Marketwatch news. Anyway, keep up the great work! :)
  10. choppybadge,

    QT News - I think you are only looking at the snapshot news. The good stuff is on the STREAMING sub-tab under news. We support DJ news from multiple sources, The Fly on the Wall, various news from brokers (Ameritrade, Scottrade, Cyber, optionXpress) as well as various other subscriptions available via eSignal and IQFeed.

    Yes, the min requirements for Cyber may be a bit tough for a newbie, but your choices start to get quite limited for futures trading when you have to have HTTP interface. IB may have an interface for Pocket PC/Palm??? If so, you may be able to use that. Don't know about that much. There may be another broker jumping into the field for futures trading that will have a web based interface and lower requirements. If I hear more on that I will post
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