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  1. Hi everyone!
    as you read in title - i am NOVICE...
    can you advice me any online trading platform. I need a simple one, with no advanced functions...
    i tried VT trader, metrader but...
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    It would help if you gave us a hint what you planned on trading!
    On top of this page are tabs, you could look at "software" and "brokers".
  3. tradestation is the AOL of trading.
  4. i want to start learning electronic trading etc.
  5. Circumvent the middle man and send your trading capital to me. You can use PayPal. It is very easy to use.
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    not so fast with Paypal you have to go thru verification procedure. Just send the cash will do.
  7. Do you require the platform to have trading system development capabilities or just to send trades to the broker online?

    If not, I recommend you skip the crap and go directly to IB. Not the best software (TWS) but something you can use in the future if you go the API way.

    QuoteTracker is also a good program and you can send your trades to several brokers:
  8. How many trades do you plan to make. What will you be trading futures, options, forex do you have clue what you are doing (no offense I 've been trading for three years and still suck at it) If your just starting out, you have to ask yourself the most important question what is my edge.
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    The Transact futures front end is an excellent platform for new traders. its very easy to use, its free, and is very reliable. There are a bunch of firms offering it
  10. could you give me a link?
    is it simple to start with it?
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