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  1. jkhek21

    jkhek21 Global Futures Inc.

    Hello Traders,

    My name is Johnny a broker from Global Futures Exchange and Trading Company. I would love to take the time to present an recent article I wrote for Future Source Fast Break Website. The article contains educational information as well as comparison's on diffrent products I provide from my firm. I discuss benefits as well as functionality for each platform that may be of convenience for certain trading styles . Intentions of the article is to help new and existing traders find the right trading platform to fit there needs. I appreciate any type of feedback.

    Link for Article

    If you would like to reach me or ask me any questions, or request a free demo feel free to contact me anytime.

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  2. feb2865


    I am looking for a platform with daily/weekly/monthly pivots and the ability to place at least daily midranges. also if you could have a front-end platform so I can execute outside the charts with trailing stops would be nice.

  3. jkhek21

    jkhek21 Global Futures Inc.

    Hello Feb2865,

    Thank you for your response unfortunately the platforms at the moment do not have a daily,weekly, pivot points nor ability to place daily midranges. This is a great suggestion however and I can defintely put a word in to our developers. We do provide however the ability to execute outside the charts using trailing stops, bracketing features and such. If you are interested taking a glance at the product I am more then happy to provide you a demo. We are definitely open to any suggestions to improve our platforms.

    thanks again