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  1. For lack of a better vehicle I have created this thread to create a Trading plan template for traders of varying experience levels.

    It is primarily targeted for those following the AHG thread, as they will be familiar with many of the initial trading rules.

    This is a dynamic document and still a work in progress. It is my desire that it may evolve into a useful product for traders of all experience levels.

    I regard this as a community project and all members of the AHG and ET community are invited to make suggestions, modifications or post their own trading rules and trading plans.

    Additionally, I currently use Excel for a trading Journal with daily charts posted separately. I am searching for a more efficient Journal program and have considered Stock Tickr.

    Any suggestions or recommendation for a quality Journal program compatible with Interactive Brokers, Tradestation and other Brokerages would be greatly appreciated.

    Trade well and be well....

    (please do not quote or respond to the trolls, thank you)
  2. Thank-you for your efforts to help those of us in need or looking for guidence. Nice looking document that I hope will indeed expand.

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    Plan details sound very convincing
  4. HWKaiser -

    Thank you very much for pulling together your terrific summary of the AHG method and now this thread with your trade plan. Your efforts have been very helpful to those of us who are just learning about Anek's method (not to mention being very helpful to you in solidifying everything in your own mind by going through this distillation process).

    Kudos to you.

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    Good outline; You might want to consider the following.

    Do you have a disaster plan?

    Do you have a procedure for getting out of or hedging a trade when something out of the ordinary happens?

    What do you do if your Internet goes down and you’re in the middle of a trade?
    Is your Brokers phone number handy? Do you know the procedure for closing a position over the phone? Will you need your account number and a password? Can you access them quickly?

    What if the exchange goes down? Can you hedge with another instrument at a different exchange? Are you set up to trade there?

    What if you lost both power and phone service?
    Not likely to happen but if you know what you're going to do it could save you some time and money

    Imagine the worst-case scenario and plan what you would do.
    List step by step actions in the order you would proceed.
    All part of an overall plan.
  6. Very good points, I will incorporate them in the SWOT portion of the business plan. Thank you for your input, please keep the suggestions coming... :)
  7. Upon conducting further research on this project I located an excellent Trading Plan template from the T2W website.

    This document was created by Tim Wilcox and he deserves the credit for its existence. No sense to re-invent the wheel...

    I will be incorporating my trading rules and trade set-ups to this format. I hope to have my first draft done within a few days and will post once completed.

    Many sections will be unique to each trader, and for that reason I am posting a copy of the original template for those who desire to start immediately on their own personal trading plan.

    Thanks again Boib for the comments regarding disaster procedures. Gained some additional insight to the strengths and weakness's of my brokers today while completing my disaster recovery procedures.
  8. hwkaiser: even tho you're providing unlimited distribution of your .doc you should still
    include your copyright/author info and if desired contact/site address

    Boib: re phone. believe the last NE Canada/US power out also stopped phone service so
    it does happen, not sure what effect it had on cell phones however in emergencies when
    the voice system overloads texting does get through; whether or not the broker is setup
    to receive 'text orders' is another matter

    the 'Personal Trading Rules' / 'Trading Plan' imo is a misnomer
    my PTR/TP theory contains 13 words; next I have a single page checklist of all tfs
    M - 1m listing the items to check in order to make a B/S: THAT'S my PTR and TP

    it may be a moot but the AHG PTR/TP is actually the start of what's involved in operating
    a 'Trading Business' . . . it is then a Trading Business Plan

    as such that's good because few regard trading as a business
    most new traders have little or no understanding of all that is involved when starting and
    maintaining a trading business, so it's needed/required information
    much of the TBP information is available in various forums throughout ET, putting it
    together in a single document makes it quite valuable particularly when the 'why' —
    explanation of what needs to be done is answered

    missing from the .doc are sections dealing with 'Fundamentals' and 'Economic Reports'
    relating to the particular instrument being traded while not forgetting that the potential
    influence of these subjects are not limited to US info nor that instrument traded
    also: 'Working from Home v Outside Office'; 'Hardware and Software'; 'Calendars'
    'Marriage, Family and Trading' . . .
  9. H,

    Sounds like someone with the right plan.

    Looks better than good.

    Of course, I might be slightly biased :p
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    Any way that you brain people behind the scene of this trading plan, can provide more detail, so that algorithms can be coded and backtested, for those of us inclined to do so ?

    I promise to share any resultant code that is developed (in WealthLab format), which will be documented well enough so that it can be ported into other backtesting languages as well.

    Thanks in advance.
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