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    I wonder if someone can help.
    I used to have an account with IB but closed the account because of the quality of the customer service. I found there trading platform was excellent and since I moved to my new broker I have been using J-Trader which I hate using. Does anyone know of a good broker which offers a good trading platform for daytrading futures and does not open 5 pages on your screen, not very good when you are running 3 different accounts.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Try terranova trading. They just opened futures and use realtickI don't use them coz I don't mind jtrader for now. Also seems reasonable plus quick platform. Good luck
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    I recommend eating crow and going back to IB. I have been using RealTick's trading platform for several years and it is light years behind IB's TWS. I agree with you about IB's customer service, it is best if do not have any issues and do not need to use it.

  4. Hi Catoosa. I almost considered RT for futures since I read rzve reviews as to the stability of RT, so your insight that it is behind IB is news to me. Could you elaborate as to how Ib is better than RT? Thanks
  5. Look at IB again. Since their network upgrade, the issues you might encounter are MUCH diminished.
  6. It's a tradeoff. RT has an awesome trading platform and excellent reliability. RT is definitely better than TWS. It also has hefty broker commissions compared to IB. I highly recommend They have the lowest commissions of all RT partnered brokers and excellent support.

    IB obviously has a price that you can't beat. Reliability and executions are not nearly as good as RT.



    What is RT? You don't me RJT do you?
  8. No, I mean RealTick.

  9. Catoosa


    I think RealTick has them all beat for everything but the trading platform. For stock trading, if RealTick had a smart order routing system like IB's TWS, RealTick would perhaps be the best for me.
    But having to try and hit individual ECNs for any size of a fast moving stock on RealTick falls far short of IB's smart order routing. Compared to TWS, I would loose money if there was no commission for the trades using RealTick and the larger the order size the more I would loose because of the disadvantage.

  10. IB's "BEST" route could cost you. If they hit a route that is not IOC (Immediate or Canel) your trade could get delayed do to their algorhythm.

    With RT, all of the ECN's will go outside of their books automatically if you become their inside bid or ask. In, a fast moving market, you can easily "sweep" the bids or asks and get excellent fills. You can also do this with IB, but I believe that their "BEST" order routing technology is not nearly as fast.

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