Trading places and George Bush

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    Many of you may remember the film
    "Trading Places" and the scene where Eddie Murphy bet Dan Akroyd one dollar that they could not get rich and bankrupt the Dukes at the same time. I recently found through investigation that George Bush is a big fan of that movie, and in fact liked it so much that he decided to make a similar bet with Karl Rove. GWB bet Karl that it was not possible to enrich his friends in the oil industry and make his enemies on the left look like blithering idiots at the same time. Karl took the bet. He devised an ingenius scheme to bring down the twin towers and to leave just enough clues so a really clever leftist academician could piece it all together and decipher how it was done. But, Karl realized, the really important part was to be so meticulous in the planning that there would be ABSOLUTELY NO evidence remaining that could tie the collapse to the administration, thereby rendering the leftist professors and all that believed them to look like blithering idiots. It worked. The oil industry has achieved record revenues and profits and GWB's enemies on the left are looked upon as blithering idiots for promulgating thier conspiracy theories.

    GWB dutifully paid off on his one dollar bet to Karl Rove.

    Incidentally, this was not the only bet of this type that the two have shared. Before the 2004 election GWB bet Karl one dollar that it would be impossible to win the election and, at the same time, make John Kerry and his followers look foolish. Well, Karl just happened to have a cousin that worked for the company that distributed the Diebold voting machines in Ohio, used the same type of meticulous planning that worked so well before, and of course the rest is history. Karl was one dollar richer after that victory as well.

    I just thought that since we are nearing the end of the Bush era, there would be no harm in finally revealing the truth about these events, and letting our liberal friends know that they aren't crazy after all. They were simply played like a fiddle by Karl Rove.