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Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by barneynels, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. almost brings tears to my eyes haha. i have found a trading pit game called traderwars. Brings back memories of long lunches and sharking.
  2. could you explain us the rules please?
  3. skilz


    I played it last week. 4 players game where you trade with buy and sell based upon 15 values quite enjoyed it especially liked the on screen hand signals they have a demo which was ok (could be clearer)
  4. skilz


    ha talking of could be clearer just read my post

    Sorry for the poor english - not enough sleep!
  5. That game is so fun! For some reason I find extreme enjoyment when I rape the other players.

    My best yet was +49 on $100.

    I sold off the bat and prices just kept on fallin.
  6. skilz


    haha yeah what is the most you have lost? I lost 80 of my 100 in one game
  7. jsmooth


    Do you play with real money?
  8. skilz


    nop although i think you can
  9. Where can I find this game?
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