Trading Performance better at home or office?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bat1, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. bat1


    I'm thinking of leasing an office and trade from there not at home
    And Run my trading like a business. Drive to work wear a suit even
    Trading at home has made me lazy and don't really feel like I'm into
    As I lose focus...

    Has any of you tried this ? I think my trading performance would my own
    Office and not at home..

  2. That's a tough one. What's your personality type, i.e. gets excited about a project and can go gang busters on getting it all setup but when it comes to the day to day stuff you get bored?

    I assume you are going to have to make a size-able commitment to get an office space, first and last month rent, security deposit, minimum term, utilities, internet access, etc...

    I am going to say unless there are kids running in and out of your home trading space or your wife/girlfriend is a lingerie model who can't stop bringing her work home, that a different space won't do it.

    It sounds like you don't need the money to survive.

    I would suggest getting into a lot of debt, so that you have no choice but to get serious.

    The other option is go and dig ditches for a week and see which job you like better.
  3. I worked on my own for over 8 years (not trading) and I would strongly suggest work out of an office away from home if possible.
    Also get an office close to other office people and coffee shops.
    That way you can set up friendships with working neighbors, have a daily coffee break outside, suggest stretch legs-go for a walk etc.
    Working from home is too claustrophobic I think, not good for long term morale to yourself.
  4. OnClose


    Same here, I'm looking in to starting a trading room in the near future if I can find enough traders in my area. And I agree with everything you said EXCEPT for the suit, to hell with that:)
  5. rwk


    My two meter commute is one of the better benefits of being a trader. Some people cannot stand the solitude and need the interaction of other people. But I don't see how trading alone in an office away from home accomplishes anything useful.
  6. newwurldmn


    Psychological separation.

    Like why eating dinner on your bed feels weird.

    And banging your girlfriend on the dining table is kinky.
  7. huchonok


    At first I thought that working at home perfectly suited me. But "no". it makes me very lazy. because it's a home-a place, where people must have rest. that's why i left the idea of house work and start working at the office.
  8. :D :D :D

    I've found that research at home can work out.

    But the actual trading bit is more effectively done somewhere else.

    (Guy who likes to tinker late at night)
  9. hitnrun


    having your own office is a smart move
    always good to seperate business from personal
    great to get out & socialize during lunch time
    a normal work routine , just ditch the suit idea
  10. ammo


    open a lingerie store with an office in the back and teach the best customers to trade,you wont need the suit
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