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  1. Greetings everyone:

    The following is just an idea, I am open to constructive criticism and hope others can benefit from reading this thread by applying or opening up dialogue with other traders regarding this subject as it would apply to you personally.

    But before let me give you guys a little background of my personal business life so you can better understand my inquiry. In 1997 I jumped into the real estate investment business as a private investor. I struggled at the beginning. After a few months I realized were the problem was. I am a terrible salesperson. Being too honest and too generous doesn't pay very well in sales.

    Luckily at the time, I met a guy who was to become my business partner. He was also a RE investor and was also struggling. His problem was the opposite of mine, he was very good in sales but didn't like or had the time to spend doing the research required in getting the best deals possible in our market at the time.

    So we divided our work. I would concentrate in buying properties and he would concentrate in selling them.

    The concept worked very, very well. I understood, luckily, that the best use of my time was to concentrate in what I was good at and to find a business partner who was very good in his own field. By uniting both qualities we did much better than being independent.

    I am now retired from real estate.

    My real passion is the markets. By that I mean, all markets, big small, yellow, green, I don't care. If it has a future or option I am there. (I am a position trader)

    Today I came to the realization that in trading I have the same situation as I had in real estate.

    I have no problem working 16 hours a day, everyday of the week doing research. My issue lies with the time I need to manage positions. I really don't enjoy it. I feel I am more valuable spending my time looking for the best deals possible in markets around the world.

    I am thinking it would make sense for me to look for a trading partner who has the experience, is very good and truly enjoys position management. Greed is a good thing here.

    Which begs the question. How many positions can a person handle at a time? 10 ? 20 ?

    What do you guys think ? Is this type of partnership a good idea in trading ? I think it is.

    Open to any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism.....

    If you think you fit the description of the person I am looking for, and I am the person who you think would complement your trading strengths please PM me.

    Thanks !