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    I am a macro / fundamental trader with a swing to longer term bias. I maybe place 3 or 4 day trades a week but usually news / fundamental / momentum plays. I do some chart reading but am no tech / quant.

    I know both the US and UK equity markets well as i am a Brit expat now living in the US. I am increasingly interested in trading short / long commodities albeit to date this has been mainly via ETFs rather than futures.

    I am looking to see if there is a TA / quant who is interested in sharing trading ideas, approaches, models and generally collaborating on the trading endeavor. I dedicate many hours a week to trading although my primary focus is running an international company based in the UK & US.

    I have NO INTEREST in anyone who is not trading their own money or where there are fees to be charged. This would be a purely collaborative exercise.

    Leave me a note or send me an email if interested.


  2. OP, do you have access to CFD's via a UK broker? Say one wanted to trade an intraday strategy on UK stocks but the stamp tax was a major obstacle, would you have access to ways around the stamp tax, i.e. commissions comparable to 0.005/share?
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    LOL he is a tool though ..tradezones
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    Wow - we have some bitterness issues huh.

    Life is too short to respond to this nonsense and i guess why would I since the respondent to my email is so clearly psychic.

    For those with less acidity permeating their guts / brains i am interested in a genuine trading partner and all the parts of the email can be verified once i know i am not dealing with a moron - or as we say back home "wanker".

    Re CFDs - yes i have a spread betting account (with Finspreads) and have also traded CFDs. I am currently doing neither as despite the tax advantages as too often the spreads are wide and i have found it better to trade stock and ETFs long / short. Also as i am US resident for tax purposes i would not benefit in same way as when i was still under UK Inland Revenue laws.